Bringing people together with a few cocktails


Cocktail Masterclass

The masterclass has been designed as a short session for team building and other corporate function days. It combines elements of learning, competition, active participation and social enjoyment and is ideally suited to be around a 2 hour session at the end of the day with the option of continuing into a cocktail drinks session.   

Have our professional bartenders come to you for a cocktail masterclass.

  • Hen do's

  • Stag do's

  • Birthday Parties

  • team building

  • or just something fun to do in the office!

What it entails
The session starts with a short introductory talk about the history of cocktail making, what makes a good cocktail and the most popular current cocktails. The group is then divided into at least 2 teams of not more than 10 people in each team.
For their first task we teach them how to make three of our most popular cocktails and they are very welcome to consume the results of their labours.
Their second task is to design and make their own recipe cocktail. This includes selecting the ingredients and creating the cocktail in an appropriate glass, naming it and creating a blackboard presentation for the cocktail.  The Beetle Juice facilitators and the participants will then score the various cocktails across a range of criteria with the best and worst awarded an appropriate prize.
After the competitive part, the teams are encouraged to relax and enjoy a couple of Beetle Juice favourite cocktails.                 

beetle juice masterclass.jpg
So much fun, the boys really bought the team together and we even won some boozy prizes
— Hebe - Feast it
vw cocktail bar

Team Size and Charges
Groups of up to 10 are ideal for the session. Each person attending will shake and make and drink 3 cocktails each

For larger groups we would need to discuss logistics of how to make it work. We require a suitable location to run the session with tables etc. This could be indoors or outdoors weather permitting. 
Included within the package is:

  • An appropriate number of Beetle Juice Bartenders for the session

  • All the ingredients to make 3 of our popular cocktails

  • A large choice of ingredients to make their own cocktail creations (alcohol, juices, various fruit, ice etc)

  • Glassware and all the necessary cocktail equipment

  • Prizes for the best and worst cocktails

  • If appropriate logistically, we will include the use of a VW based Beetle Juice bar as an area to mix and serve the cocktails and for photos.   

The standard cost for the session is Β£40 per head as above plus Β£5 for any additional cocktails required. 
All prices are exclusive of VAT which will be added at the prevailing rate.