Beetle Juice Ltd Sign Up to the Evening Standard’s Last Straw Campaign

Here at Beetle Juice, we are flexing our ethically conscious ethos, signing up to The Evening Standard’s The Last Straw campaign.

The Evening Standard has called on the owners and managers or restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops around the capital to take The Last Straw pledge and commit to switching to alternatives that are kinder on the planet.

With names like Michelin-starred Jason Atherton, pledging his backing and stopping the offering of straws in all nine of his London restaurants, it spurred us into committing to making this change.

Jonathan Gomma, Co-Founder of Beetle Juice says, “Last year I worked out that we used over 100,000 single-use straws at our events throughout the festival season which amounts to a staggering 160kg of plastic waste. By moving to paper straws and making this small change we are taking the next step in reducing the volume of waste we produce which will ultimately benefit our environment and surrounding wildlife.”

We feel strongly that’s time to start making changes, particularly throughout festival season which we are obviously heavily involved in. There is so much waste from festivals, but it’s time to see a more grown up, environmentally responsible approach to both festivals and entertaining.

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