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Anyone wishing to work with us starts out working as a cocktail mixologist. We train them on making and serving the Beetle Juice cocktails in the Beetle Juice way. We have a good number of people that we have now trained who enjoy working with us in these roles, often at weekends and sometimes combining this with another job or winter ski season job.

If you are an experienced mixologist or would like to be trained to become a mixologist, we have lots of opportunities to work with Beetle Juice at events throughout the length and breadth of the country. We attend a huge variety of different events and are always on the lookout for the right sociable people to help us create the Beetle Juice atmosphere serving the very best cocktails

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Manage a Bar

Some of the people that are experienced at working behind the bar will sometimes take on management responsibility for running a bar including managing all the stock, logistics and finance. This will initially be as manager of one of a number of our bars at an event, and then with the right level of experience, they can become the main Beetle Juice representative at an event. 

For those managers that want to make more of a commitment to Beetle Juice and who demonstrate the right level of care and commitment that we have to our brand, and a level of ambition and entrepreneurship, we have developed a geographically based Franchise option that allows them to share in the ownership of a Beetle Juice business. For more details about our Franchise opportunities,

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